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About Vente

Vente, Inc. is a leader in permission-based marketing. Vente helps connect businesses with the customers and prospects they’re looking for – quickly, accurately and on time. Using our in-depth consumer data, we help you get the most from your marketing budget.

In-Depth Consumer Information

Vente gathers information from consumers through our proprietary online survey platforms. Our self-reported data includes demographic and financial information as well as hobbies, interests, ailments and purchase intentions.

Vente's database consists of self-reported data by consumers and is NOT harvested from third party sources. The millions of consumers in our database have given Vente permission to send them information and offers in which they have an interest.  We ensure permission for our members through a double opt-in email process.

Vente’s Data

  • Vente gathers over 100,000 general and low-incidence surveys each week
  • We have an extensive database of over 35 million consumers 
  • And you can target consumers using over 6,000 data points

To learn more about Vente’s database and how we compile our data, please view our online brochure.

Technical Expertise

  • Hygiene
    Vente employs a data cleansing process that includes real-time CASS™ processing, NCOALink™, phone append and validation, ECOA, DMA and a number of other proprietary verification and cleansing processes.

  • Security
    Vente does not collect nor have in its possession any confidential consumer information such as social security or credit card numbers. The Vente database is among the most secure in the industry - Vente has implemented strict security and sophisticated encryption procedures to protect this information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Vente utilizes both internal and outsourced security services, which are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Physical security includes a 24/7/365 security guard, card key access and retinal scan.

  • Email Delivery
    Vente has implemented a world-class email delivery system designed to provide a complete end-to-end email solution. Vente provides campaign scheduling, prospect identification and selection, creative design, deployment and campaign analysis. The system enables Vente to quickly and efficiently deliver professional, productive online campaigns.

  • Analytics
    Whether it’s a client’s customer file or its own database, Vente uses past behavior, demographics and lifestyle variables to develop consumer models that predict future outcomes. For example, Vente can develop prospect models based upon best customer profiles to increase the ROI on acquisition campaigns both online and offline. In addition, by monitoring email metrics, Vente has enhanced online campaign performance through the manipulation of the campaign’s tactical components (e.g., offer, subject line, delivery day and time, prospect list, etc.).

Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget
Whether you’re an entrepreneurial start-up or a Fortune 100 company, Vente can help you:

  • Extend the reach and frequency of advertising and promotional messages
  • Receive targeted leads real-time, daily, weekly, monthly – the choice is yours!
  • Drive sales traffic offline to channel partners or websites
  • Execute cost-effective customer acquisition and retention programs
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Create brand advocates

Learn more about how Vente can help maximize your marketing efforts:

Vente is a nonexclusive full-service provider licensee of the United States Postal Service®. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: United States Postal Service, CASS and NCOALink. The price for Vente's services is not established, controlled or approved by the United States Postal Service.